Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia Reggio Emilia presents the video;La Spergola: an ancient vine to propose an innovative way to visit Reggio Emilia" (link Youtube:
https://youtu.be/RvS3CfY4ok0), developed within the Call for ideas for the enhancement of the
Mediterranean diet” promoted by Emilia Romagna Region inside “MD.net Mediterranean Diet:
When Brands Meet Peoples” European project, with the contribution of the European Regional
Development Fund. This project aims to promote local enogastronomy and its link with the values
of the Mediterranean Diet on international markets, through the creation of a video on the quality of the integrated offer of wine and food from the Reggio Emilia area.

The rediscovery of the ancient Spergola di Scandiano vine has been chosen as the basis for a
storytelling that links the recovery and restart of production and places it in a current concept of experiential tourism offer.

This video will be recommended for promotional and commercialization actions of the local travel
and food-and-wine offer on the websites of the Compagnia della Spergola, the relevant
municipalities (Scandiano, Albinea, Quattro Castella, Bibbiano, Casalgrande, Castellarano,
Vezzano, Viano) and Confcommercio Reggio Emilia as well as for travel and wine fairs and

«Spergola -states the Councillor for Agriculture and Agri-Food, Hunting and Fishing of Emilia-
Romagna Region, Alessio Mammi- is a grape variety which recounts the history of our land: it
belongs to an ancient tradition, which is lost in the history of our vineyards and wines and is firmly rooted in the future.

A rediscovered variety, today produced with excellent results in wineries
located in the foothills of Reggio Emilia. It is an excellent aperitif wine which is in no way inferior to better known wines and is fast gaining favour among consumers. We are strongly committed to promoting this wine and making it better known on national and foreign markets, convinced as we are that its qualitative and commercial value will do much to enhance the entire winemaking industry in Reggio Emilia and Emilia-Romagna. We are also keen to protect biodiversity and boost the cultivation of ancient varieties, a great collective environmental treasure necessary to safeguard life on our planet».

«The excellence of an entire territory into a single glass: this is Spergola -stresses the Chairman of Province of Reggio Emilia, Giorgio Zanni-, a wine that represents all the beauty of this land. The Province of Reggio Emilia has always done a precious job to protect biodiversity and to enhance the value of our typical products. Even more, if the project highlights another typical feature of ours land: teamwork that merges producers, trade associations, municipalities, and experts to promote excellence. That made it possible, with precious and hard work, to discover again this ancient wine, with great charm and goodness, which has its roots in the age of Matilde di Canossa and which risked disappearing»


«Given the growing interest of customers and local restaurants and the recent awards obtained by
this wine -the President of the tourist promotion consortium Club di Prodotto Reggio Tricolore and of Federalberghi Reggio Emilia, the Confcommercio hoteliers association, Francesca Lombardini adds- we decided to address to Italian and international food and wine tourism market which is looking for authentic experiences that link the products to the territory. The tourist package you will find here attached is an example of how this territory can surprise and fascinate its visitors through slow and experiential tourism».

La Compagnia della Spergola, a network of wineries and eight municipalities, already collaborates with tourism and retail operators of Reggio Emilia to develop food-and-wine travel experiences strongly rooted in this land identity. «The Compagnia della Spergola -its President Giorgio Monzali says- has received the heritage of the ancient Società Enologica Scandianese and, thanks to the mixed nature of its membership, where wineries and local administrations have teamed up, it carries on its mission of protecting local viticulture according to environmental protection and territory enhancement values.

Making this video -in conclusion says the President of Confcommercio Reggio Emilia, Davide
Massarini- our purpose was to provide a message we are very attached to: to turn a peculiarity of this land into a driving force for tourism. Spergola represents the link or the fil rouge to tell how slow tourism is, among others, a certainly effective model to ensure tourists the right time and the right look at some glimpses, flavours and traditions of our land.

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